Learning from others

One of the best things about my MSc course was how much learning by doing we did…. time pressure and having a result in mind is an amazing way to focus learning.
That said there are some great resources out there, it’s always great to learn from other people. I was recently lucky enough to get a 30 free trial for Groove3 and I’ve watched a few things including:
These tutorials were well worth watching, perhaps a bit simple at times, but there were lots of things in there which I hadn’t even considered doing.
Often it’s the little things… such as learning you can add favourites in logics loop browser,  you can mark them as favourites and sort so they are at the top of the list. No idea how i missed this before!
Another great find was “Invert Selection” (great if you want to process/delete everything except a particular note) – SHIFT & I.
Have a watch, and see what little tips you can pick up to improve your workflow and your music making!

Demo contest – Eastwest Ghostwriter

I spent most of a week making weird noises in a rather different way than normal!

The challenge was to make at least 2 minutes of music using the demo of the Eastwest Ghostwriter library. All sounds had to come from there and most challengingly, I didn’t get to play guitar at all!!

It was all midi and mouse action and I learned a lot. Sadly at 63GB in size I’ll need to get a new SSD if I want to buy the library and use it permanently!

You can find out more about Ghostwriter here: http://www.soundsonline-europe.com/Ghostwriter

Meanwhile my clip can be found here: http://thomasrobertsonguitar.bandcamp.com/track/act-of-contrition

More sound

A scraping source sound which is stretched and convolved with a light synthy sound. This was then passed through automated stereo delays to create a sense of air… 

Intended to be layered in the same conspiracy themed track as the first sound I posted here.



Are we on the air?

This is the first of many entries on the subject of audio and music. I decided to start writing to encourage myself to think more about sound design, reflect and track what I’ve been doing and also make available some sounds for others to play with as they wish.  And also to regularly produce something.

So here is the first of a series of sounds, tunes, links and experiments…


Originally created for a dark breakdown in a conspiracy themed track, the source sound is a clip of a mechanical noise which has been extremely time stretched in Logic. It’s then lightly compressed and smoothed with delay before being convolved with a droning sound to enrich and extend the unease.