Original Motion Picture Score – The Matrix

Back in the mists of time got to see a preview screening of The Matrix, several weeks before the official release. This was in the middle of their “What is the matrix” publicity campaign and I remember trying to tell friends how great the film was without giving anything away…..
…I then ended up working in a cinema whilst it was still showing, so it’s definitely a movie I’ve seen many times. on both the large and small screen.
I’ve long been aware of the movie’s iconic soundtrack album, such as the PropellerHeads from the lobby scene or Rob Zombie from the club, but what about the score?
Before listening to this album, my audio memories of the film were the songs and the sound design. The huge noises, gunfire and metallic, electric sounds of the Nebuchadnezzar…
… on the other hand, the score  mixes synthetic sounds with frenetic strings, repetitive ascending motifs and loud brassy bursts of energy. I was surprised by the images instantly summoned by the music, hearing Trinity’s initial frenzied escape and seeing it clearly. 
What I liked a lot:
The strong connection with scenes that I’d not realised were so
The suspense filled track Virus.
What I liked a little less: 
As a standalone album it doesn’t work too well…  each track needs faded out or edited to be made more listenable outside of the context of the film. This reinforced the results of Zimmers efforts to turn the Dark Knight Score into an actual album. 
A great article on the Sounddesign of the movie, and an effective reminder of how far desktop audio processing tools have advanced in the last 15 years –  http://filmsound.org/editorsnet/matrix1.htm