Score of the month

I love music and movies, but I don’t really know much about classical music and I’m always keen to learn more about the creative process and the people behind it.  I figured that a good way in would be to actively listen to modern movie scores, so  I’ll be studying one a month for 2015.
I hope to learn what I can about the process, people and techniques involved. Whilst I have no great desire to be an orchestral composer, with the amazing tools available nowadays it’d be nice to know enough to dabble intelligently when I choose to. I thought it would be nice to share some of those experiences, and keep a travel journal so I can look back on the journey.
Along the way I expect to see patterns and differences, learn a little about the genre and then perhaps prepare myself to dive into more classical orchestral works in 2016.
I’ll be starting this month with Hans Zimmer’s score for the Dark Knight Rises.