Editing faster in Logic

It took me ages before I really started using the marquee tool in Logic, and I’m a lot faster now that I use it. This article from Sound On Sound is a great introduction and still very valid for Logic X even though it was originally written with Logic 9 in mind.


Read it and give it a try!


More sound

A scraping source sound which is stretched and convolved with a light synthy sound. This was then passed through automated stereo delays to create a sense of air… 

Intended to be layered in the same conspiracy themed track as the first sound I posted here.



Are we on the air?

This is the first of many entries on the subject of audio and music. I decided to start writing to encourage myself to think more about sound design, reflect and track what I’ve been doing and also make available some sounds for others to play with as they wish.  And also to regularly produce something.

So here is the first of a series of sounds, tunes, links and experiments…


Originally created for a dark breakdown in a conspiracy themed track, the source sound is a clip of a mechanical noise which has been extremely time stretched in Logic. It’s then lightly compressed and smoothed with delay before being convolved with a droning sound to enrich and extend the unease.